Syscooling SC-VG33 GPU water cooling block VGA NVIDIA ATI copper GPU block adjustable sizes for liquid cooling system

Item número.: SC-VG33
In/out: G1/4 thread
Material: Black POM + Copper
Shipping : International shipping by sea or by air.
Payment: T/T,Marstercard,Visa card,Paypal,West Union

Material: black POM upper cover, red copper bottom plate

Technology: environmental protection black nickel plating texture process

Connector: G1/4

Standard accessary: 2pcs*G1/4-8 pagoda (for ID8mm flexible tube)             1pcs* fixture             a pack of install screw


Support platform:    NVIDIA:GTX465   GTX660   GTX650  GTX580   GTX480 GTX470  GTX460  GTX285  GTX280                                              GTX275  GTX260  GTS250  9800GT    9600GT    8800GTX   8800GTS   8800GT   ATI:6970 6950 6870 6850 5870  5850 5830  5770  5750  5670  5570  5550   4890   4870  4850                               4670 3870  3850   2900  1900  


If your graphic card core area model is not in the above ones, don't worry,  pls measure the pitch of screw on your graphic card core area in the red arrow, our block can be suitable for  61*61mm   58.5*58.5mm    53.5*53.5mm     61*51mm